Safe Kids Oregon Webinars


2015 Webinars


Creating Successful Community Partnerships and Recruiting Volunteers


Organizations often struggle with recruitment, training and maintaining volunteers. Additionally, many organizations may not know how to form, build, and maintain partnerships with other organizations and groups to benefit all involved. Webinar participants will understand how to build and maintain community partnerships, make the most of community event participation, and learn how to build a volunteer base.

1. Understand the organizational value of partnerships
2. Recognize the value of community events in building relationships with partner agencies and volunteers
3. Describe techniques for managing volunteers
Presenter: Kayt Zundel, MPA, MS, Program Director, OHSU’s Think First Oregon

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Child Passenger Safety Senior Checker Update

Do you want a better understanding of your roll as a CPS Senior Checker? Are you confused about how CPS Senior Checkers and CPS Certification are or are not connected? Do you want to know what CPS activities Safe Kids Oregon is doing?

To view the Child Passenger Safety Senior Checker Update slides, click here.


The objectives of this webinar were:
• Provide an overview of the Safe Kids Buckle Up (SKBU) Program
• Review Senior Checker Protocol
• Review SKBU registered and approved event/inspection stations website
• Hot Tips for Senior Checkers
• Checklist Form Review
• Relationship to Safe Kids Worldwide CPS Certification Program
• Overview of the Oregon CPS Local Program Coordination


2014 Webinars

“Health and Transportation Partners: Working to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Oregon”


Partners from the Oregon Public Health Division, Safe Kids Oregon, Oregon Department of Transportation, Commute Options, and Washington County are working to create and enhance safe and walkable neighborhoods in Oregon. Aside from the devastating toll of injuries, perceived lack of safety is the #1 barrier to getting our population to use more active transportation modes, which has many other health benefits.


This webinar covers the scope of the problem of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Oregon, including population disparities; share a variety of ways to improve pedestrian safety in neighborhoods, towns or cities; and explore best practices being used to increase the numbers of individuals using active transportation, and how to keep all road users safer. These evidence-based methods need not be high cost, and can encompass education, enforcement and some simple engineering fixes.


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2013 Webinars


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Seeking Inspiration? Evaluate


Amy Teddy, Injury Prevention Program Manager for the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 



2012 Webinars

Concussions – What You Need To Know update

Kayt Zundel MPA, MS - Program Director and Outreach Coordinator OHSU ThinkFirst Oregon

Andrew Traut MS, ATC - Athletic Trainer The Center Foundation and Bend High School

Pediatric Poison Prevention – Make the Right Call 

Tonya Drayden, RN, MSN, CSPI – Public Education Coordinator , Oregon Poison Center

Concussion Prevention – What You Need To Know! 

Kayt Zundel, MPA – Program Director & Community Outreach Coordinator, ThinkFirst Oregon

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Safe Sleep for Infants

Cynthia Ikata, RN, MPH – Babies First! Coordinator, Oregon Public Health Division


‘Start Safe’: Preschool Fire & Burn Prevention Training

Judy Okulitch – Youth Fire Prevention & Intervention Manager, Office of the State Fire Marshal


Window Falls Prevention 

Sandy Nipper, RN – Child Safety Program Coordinator, The Children’s Hospital at Emanuel


Safe Routes to School

Charity Sturgeon – Community Traffic Safety Program Coordinator, ACTS Oregon

Download Entire Webinar Recording 


Drowning Prevention

Lucie Drum, BS, EMT-P – Manager,Community Education/Medial Relations, AMR Northwest

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