How Not to Get Hit by a Car


According to some reports, Pokemon Go has already attracted just under 21 million daily active users in the United States. As with most GPS-enabled games, players are required to get out into the community, getting players (kids and adults alike) up and moving!  However, the popularity of the game has raised safety concerns.  Users have run into streets, bumped into things and even fallen off of cliffs because they are transfixed by the screens on their phones.  Safe Kids Oregon wants to raise awareness to the avoidable hazards and encourage everyone to play safely.


Safety tips for playing Pokeman Go include:

  • Be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Play in pairs or as a group in well-lit areas.  Parents, consider this game as a family activity and join in.
  • Assign one person as a “Lookout” who is responsible for watching for hazards.
  • Do not ride a bike, skateboard, or other device while interacting with the app – “you can’t do both safely”
  • Do not drive a car while playing the game.
  • When traveling in an unfamiliar area, let someone know where you will be.

Teens, parents and caregivers, if the game requires car travel:

  • Download a map of the area you’re going to play, and plan the route.
  • Pull off the road into a parking lot or parking space and commit to walking to the destination if game play requires it.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, unintentional pedestrian injuries are the fifth leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for children ages 5 to 19. Teenagers are now at greatest risk. Teens have a death rate twice that of younger children and account for half of all child pedestrian deaths.  This infographic shares tips on how to be safe while walking.


Download and share this infographic and these Pedestrian Safety Tips from Safe Kids Worldwide.

Enjoy the summer, get outside and explore while keeping these safety tips in mind.


Safe Kids Oregon works to prevent unintentional childhood injury, the number one cause of death for children in the United States.  Safe Kids Oregon is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations dedicated to preventing unintentional injury.  Safe Kids Oregon was founded in 1995 and is proudly led by Oregon Child Development Coalition.