Fire & Burn Prevention


For children ages 0 – 19 in Oregon, between 2012-2014, 9 children died and 122 children were hospitalized due to fires and burns.  Working together with partner organizations around Oregon, fire awareness and education programs help to stop fires before they start.


The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal’s Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention program provides a variety of services and support from fire prevention education to intervention resources for youth, ages 3 to 17 years of age, and their families. For information on the free prevention education materials aimed at youth and parents/caregivers please visit the Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention website.  Materials maybe ordered using the online ordering form.
Here are a few samples of materials:

Outdoor Cooking Safety tip cards (packages of 50) – English and Spanish


Fire Escape Plan – English


Fire Escape Plan – Spanish


I Spot Something Hot – English and Spanish


Additional materials from Safe Kids Worldwide


Safe Kids Fire Safety Fact Sheet


Safe Kids Fire Safety Tips


Oregon Laws


Smoke Alarms – Ionization smoke alarms that are solely battery-operated shall be packaged with a 10-year battery.  Ionization smoke alarms must include a “hush” mechanism allowing temporarily disengage the alarm for up to 15 minutes.


Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Prohibits transferring title to one and two family dwellings or multifamily housing that has carbon monoxide source unless dwelling or housing is equipped with carbon monoxide alarm.


Novelty Lighters - Prohibits the selling or distribution of novelty (toylike) lighters in Oregon.  For more information on novelty lighters, please visit the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal.


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