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With an average of 44 kids getting hit while walking every day in the U.S., it’s time for action. Safe Kids Worldwide had developed “HOW TO NOT GET HIT BY A CAR”, a fun new interactive infographic that guides walkers through seven common ways kids get hit by cars, and seven ways to avoid it.  Try it out and see if you make any of the common mistakes when you cross the street.  Please share this link on Facebook and other social media:


Safe Kids Worldwide sponsored a video contest for middle school students across the country. The theme: Take Action Against Distraction. The students of Patterson Park Public Charter School in inner city Baltimore were the winners of the contest. The prize: Safe Kids Video team would come out and remake their video with a professional film crew. This is the remake of the winning video. Enjoy!


Walking, first as a child holding the hand of a caring adult, is a form of transportation used throughout life. Being able to walk safely is an important skill that needs to be developed over time, starting with those first hand-held walks. The process is similar to that of how teenagers learn to drive. Just as teenagers must first practice judgment and skills with an adult present and in simple traffic conditions, children need help learning and practicing where and how to walk safely. To help children become safe walkers, adults must look at the world of traffic from a child’s point of view and have an understanding of how children’s abilities to learn and reason develop over time.


Unfortunately, injuries sustained by child and youth pedestrians are often severe.  For pedestrians ages 0 – 19 in Oregon from 2012 – 2014, 23 children and youth were killed and 154 were hospitalized.  In Oregon, 43.5% of fatalities and 39.6% of hospitalizations of pedestrians were youth ages 15 to 19.


ODOT Transportation Safety Division is encouraging the use of these graphics to raise awareness for pedestrian safety. Click on the image to download the .jpg.

Pedestrian art 2 Pedestrian art 3

Pedestrian art 4 Pedestrian art


Resources  and Reports

Teaching Children to Walk Safely as They Grow and Develop: A guide for parents and caregivers is intended to help parents and caregivers match their guidance and expectations with their children’s abilities. This guide brakes down information by age groups – children ages 4 – 6, children ages 7-9 and children ages10 and older.  This report was prepared by the National Center for Safe Routes to School.


Walking Safety  A report to the Nation, a 15 year pedestrian trend report that revealed some surprising findings was launched August 31, 2012.


Everyone is a Pedestrian  NHTSA has created this a new set of tools to help communities combat the rising number of pedestrian fatalities in recent years.


TEENS AND DISTRACTION An In-depth Look at Teens’ Walking Behavior,  a report from Safe Kids Worldwide. Safe Kids Central Oregon and Commute Options were one of 24 Safe Kids Coalitions participating in this study.


Safe Kids Worldwide Pedestrian Safety


Pedestrian Safety Tips – English


Pedestrian Safety Tips – Spanish



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